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ERC Community Warehouse
19 Church Street
Melrose, NY 12121

ERC Community Warehouse, Melrose, NY

Our new location in Melrose, NY

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The ERC (Eastern Rensselaer County) Community Warehouse is a non-profit reuse center established to divert reusable goods from waste disposal. The organization accepts donations of reusable goods (which might otherwise be destined for a landfill or incinerator) from individuals, businesses and institutions. Those materials are re-sold, at low cost, to those who need them.

Donors benefit by avoiding waste disposal fees and earning a tax deduction for their donations. Shoppers benefit by gaining access to quality, low-cost goods. Resources are conserved, the need for additional landfill space is reduced, jobs are created… the entire community benefits!

Whether you’re a non-profit group looking for inexpensive office furniture, a college student moving into your first apartment, a family renovating your summer camp, or just someone who appreciates the inherent value that exists in many pre-owned products, we hope you’ll stop in to see what the ERC Community Warehouse has to offer. We look forward to serving you.

In & Around the House



• All Types of Furniture

• Large & Small Appliances

• TVs, Computers & Electronics

• Housewares

• Hardware

• Ladders

• Home decor items

• Doors & Windows

• Sinks & Cabinets


For the Office

Desk Chair

• Desks & Credenzas

• Filing Cabinets

•Computers & Peripherals

• Office Equipment

•Tables & Chairs

• Lamps & Accessories

•Shelving & Book Cases


More Great Stuff

Antique Book & Clock

• Antiques & Collectibles

• Jewelry & Crafts

• Books

• Baby Needs

• Toys & Games

• Sports & Exercise Equipment