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Thursday 11am-6pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-4pm


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Skis at the ERC Community Warehouse


Sports, Fitness,
and the Great Outdoors

We have a wide selection for the sports/fitness and outdoor enthusiast:

  • Skis, Ski Boots, and Poles
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Camping Equipment


Earth Dude!


Coffee Table Books at the ERC Community WarehouseBooks, Books, and More Books

Looking for a good read? Come and browse through our 3000 books.

The free ones – older how-to books and novels, religious books and Bibles – are stashed on the shelves in the back corner of the store.

The rest – neatly organized in book cases up front – can be had for very little:

  • Silhouette romances are only 10¢ apiece.
  • Children’s books, with rare exceptions, are 25¢ each.
  • Novels start at 50¢. Many are $1.00, including potboilers, mysteries, and NY Times bestsellers. The more expensive ones fetch $3.00!
  • Coffee table books start at $1.00, as do cookbooks, do-it-yourself, and self-help books.

Keep in mind that we sell books every day and new books arrive all the time. So stop in whenever you’re in the neighborhood and see what’s turned up!

Books at the ERC Community Warehouse